I AM SUPER EXCITED TO OFFER AN ONLINE PROGRAM! Why? Because I have always wanted to be able to work with my loyal followers that have not had access to me previously. In the past 10 years I have only worked with private clients in our Naturopathic Medical Clinic, but now I can work with anyone that is interested and has an internet connection! Yippie! 

Now that we are through the holidays, its time to think about eating better and getting healthier for the New Year. HONESTLY,  I hate New Year’s resolutions because most of us cannot stick to them. Statistics show that the majority people do not stick to resolutions past January! So, I have figured out a way to bypass that for you to be successful and new habits be sustainable in my NEW ONLINE HOLISTIC HEALING PROGRAM!

If your family is like mine and won’t listen to you….send them to me! I have to send mine to other experts! ;-P When they did what I have begged them to do for many years….b/c someone else told them to after my failed effort…they healed!

A course for people who are ready to heal in body, mind and spirit; through food, detox and lowering stress levels to gain new tools so you can be free and live the life you desire!

with Lauren Hoover-West,Holistic Nutrition Coach, Chef

I, Lauren Hoover-West am a Classically Trained Chef of Celebrities & US Presidents who has French Michelin Star experience coupled with a degree in Psychology, Holistic Nutrition Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Author of blog and cookbook No Wheat No Dairy No Problem(2009)

  • Are you ready willing and able to learn how to heal for good?
  • Do you just want to take things to the next level of being healthy?
  • Do you want to eat good  delicious food, gently detox and use the best products that will have you feeling great and emotionally feeling happy, peaceful and joyful?
  • Are you tired of fad diets that don’t work? Learn to customize your diet for your own health and well-being.
  • Loose Weight, Gain Weight, Maintain ideal Weight
  • Have you been to several doctors and practitioners to still be suffering?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Do you feel all alone in this fight/struggle? We have a Group Program that is loving and supportive and compassionate!
  • Do you feel you know you need to do something, but you just cannot do it alone and desire some support?
  • Do you desire more balance in your life?
  • Do you want to learn amazing, effective and fun tools that you have never heard of before?

If you answered Yes to any or all of these questions, I am here to help you transform from waking up dragging through life to feeling excited about life with the health and well-being you desire and deserve!

I am so excited to offer you a supportive, tried and true comprehensive

6 Month Holistic Healing Program that includes all my services and knowledge! I will take you from surviving to thriving through an amazing Healing Journey that incorporates:

  • Delicious nutritious food(homemade and bought) that will heal and bring balance to your whole body, mind and spirit & hormones! Stop, think about how that will feel?!  “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates
  • Gentle Detox: slowly eliminating environmental toxins and root causes of illness and disease. There are many hidden toxins most people do not even realize are making them sick! This will help balance your hormones too! It is very important to do this very slowly and carefully to be sure you do not do more harm than good!
  • Heal your spirit and emotions linked to imbalance and illness. You cannot remove your mental and emotional state from your body…they are interconnected and both need to heal and achieve a balanced state of well-being.

By just learning some new tools and creating new habits, you will heal. At the end of 6 months these tools will be healthy, familiar habits! Reach a more ideal weight, balance hormones, release pain and suffering, feel great emotionally and mentally, increase energy & joy and decrease stress!

You will walk away feeling like a new person, and able to live life passionately with skills to keep you thriving and diving into a life where your dreams can come true.

When we are healthy, it gives us the energy and well-being in body, mind and spirit to live our best lives! True Health has 3 main components: Food, Toxins, Stress! Like a 3 legged-stool, all the legs/parts must be stable and working well, just like our health. Most people are good at one of these and need help in the other 1-2 areas. All 3 are equally important!

Go to my blogsite page to learn more details. Have a beautiful day! Sending you love and blessings! I so look forward to having anyone that wants to join my Online Healing Program to have fun and Thrive through life feeling great!

Lauren’s Christmas/Holiday Gift List

Lauren’s Christmas/Holiday Favorites!

NEW!!! Lauren’s New Online Course: 12 Week Holistic Healing Journey!

This is healing in body, mind and spirit all naturally in a step-by-step program over 12 weeks/3 months to make it slow, gentle, fun, comprehensive and sustainable! Starts on January 7th! Sign up and get a big discount!


Thrive Market

Online Shopping better than health food stores & at a discount-Whole Foods meets Costco! Stock up your kitchen pantry and bathroom with GF/Vegan skin/haircare products! You can donate a portion of your savings to Charity! They are very philanthropic and helping send food, diapers and water in disasters!

Thrive Market


Send a Box of Ready to Cook Organic Delicious Meals(for yourself to save time,  a gift or where you are traveling!)

Sunbasket Meal Prep Service delivered to your door: Use code and get $40 of Meals FREE as a gift from me! Happy Holidays! Founding Chef previously worked at the famed Slanted Door in SF!

Sun Basket: choose gluten-free, dairy-free, lean & clean, organic, local, delicious meals to cook(you can replace the dairy with your alternatives) vegan meals too! is a great place to order gluten-free and other foods from Italy! You can buy online w/out the jet lag! They have an open marketplace that is so big they have bikes with baskets to ride around and purchase!!! Locations in Italy, Los Angeles, NY, Chicago, Las Vegas opening December 2018! It is such an amazing experience…I came home from Italy with a whole suitcase…well, the suitcase arrived a week after me! ;-P(

Odd Bagels! OMG these are like a NY Bagel without any allergens! Chewy and flavorful! Use my discount code FAVORITES before (12/31) for 15% off the whole order. Everything Bagels are my favorite and for a sweet topping use the Plain. There are several flavors.

Miyoko’s Vegan Butter and Cream Cheese(Un lox spread) goes well on Odd Bagels & Cashew Cheeses that are all gone at every party I take them to…even next to popular cheesed that contain dairy! These are flavorful and nutritious without the dairy and health issues associated with dairy! Available at health food store and Trader Joe’s!

Bread SRSLY-San Francisco Sourdough that’s Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Egg-free and tastes just like the best Sourdough you’ve ever had. Note: Must be toasted! Various flavors. I love the Classic & Onion and Sandwich Rolls. If sold out online, then see stores/locations near you.

Miscellaneous important things to have and share:

If you only make one change I recommend you drink pure filtered water in a stainless steel(no plastic cap) or glass bottle! A great start! Drink half your weight in ounces per day! You will feel so much better and avoid many illnesses and cancer from plastics!

Eco Friendly gifts and unique stuff you will love: many wonderful artisan and eco friendly products and gifts on this site!

Nimbus Microfine Compact Toothbrushes(Adults&Kids)


Extra soft toothbrushes that are compact and reach and clean teeth and gums is so important. I also love

Sonicare sonic electric toothbrushes which clean better than regular toothbrushes!

Waterpick or Water Flosser to get food and bacteria out of places(between teeth and under gum-line) that toothbrushes cannot get! This totally changed my oral health! Use it everyday with warm filtered water

Klean Kanteen Reflect Stainless Steel Bottle & Interior Cap

You do not want a bottle that has any plastic…chemicals from plastic will get into your hot beverages and poison you!

AquaTru Water Filter-If you only make one change, drink pure filtered water in a stainless or glass bottle!

Excellent countertop Reverse osmosis and carbon, 3 filter purifying filtration system. Endorsed by many well respected doctors! We love ours! We recommend you get the mineral drops and sign up for the auto-ship for refill filters. It is an investment up front, but will save you money and hassles over time. You only need to replace filters a few times a year!

Affiliate number 42691 Dr. Brad West and Lauren Hoover-West


Clothes: Important to use and wear non-toxic fabrics

Don’t use laundry products that will cause you illness and destroy sea life/oceans!

Wash your clothes with natural non-toxic wash that really cleans well! Stain stick is the best ever! They have a Christmas small trial for sale in December too! Philanthropic family owned company!

Green Fills Laundry Products(mail order) 14 Day FREE TRIAL

Did you know that non-organic cotton is destroying ground and causing eruption and harming soil and plants and animals of all kinds due to the high amounts of pesticides and chemicals that are used?! So please consider switching to organic materials and clothing! Give one away, buy a new better one! It will help your health be better and the environment and all that is trying to survive in it! Oxox

Nomad’s Hemp wear uses all organic natural fabrics that are so soft and comfortable. They are online and made in Canada. The styles are really fun! Most of my winter wardrobe is from them!

Bamboo Fishers Finery Women’s Tranquil Dreams Sleeveless Nightgown


Bryn Walker Organic Natural Women’s Clothing-mostly cotton, bamboo and linen! My summer wardrobe is all from this company and they have winter things that are nice too! So comfy that I feel like I am wearing PJ’s outside! LOL! Note that clothes in the stores are much more beautiful than online! Stores in CA, AZ, MA, D.C.

Shoes I love: Ugg boots & slippers,

Bath/Body: Are Toxic chemicals are lurking in your bathroom and on your skin, scalp and hair? Go Organic, Non-toxic, phalate-free, Paren-free, SLS-free, Gluten-free and Vegan and you will be better off! These all are linked/correlated with cancer, skin rashes, hormone disruption and endocrine system disruption/disorders/diseases! Yikes!

Thrive Market and are great for non-toxic, Gluten-free, Vegan, Phalate-free, Paraben-free cosmetics and makeup!

Nourish Organic Argan Body Butter-very thick and soothing to dry feet, legs, hands etc…I use it every night before bed!

Facial Wash & Products: or on My Chelle, Acure, Jeffery James

Make-up: Mineral Fusion mascara & make-up, ILIA, Lilly , No Miss mascara & remover on Thrive Market

Hair Color: Herbatint for at home, or Goldwell Top Chic professional formula for your hairdresser. Yep, what you put on your scalp goes directly into your bloodstream in 30 seconds without the help of your Liver! And, it will cause damage if it has ingredients you are sensitive to or toxic chemicals!

Body Wash: Earth Mama, Andalou, Acure, Acure Cocoa Butter & CoQ10(very creamy & moisturizing) All on Thrive Market, use my link above.

Not positive if Dr. Bronner’s is Gluten-free, but I don’t see any ingredients that contain gluten on the label-this is Dr. Brad’s favorite.

Shampoo/Conditioner: Acure, Mineral Fusion, Seaweed Co., My Sprout

I prefer shampoos for oily-normal care to clean well and a light conditioner for thin oily hair and deep conditioner for thick dry hair. For oily scalp and a deep clean I use Earth Science Olive Avocado Shampoo & then a deep conditioner.


You pet needs an organic comfy bed too that is non-toxic!

The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Beds, 5 Sizes/7 Colors: Eases Pet        Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia & Post Op Pain, Quality…

Pet Food: I am a huge advocate of a raw diet as it healing our rescue kitty that was ill from a rough start. There are studies showing that kibbles lead to cancer(the risk has dramatically gone way up to 50% of Dogs getting Cancer now!)

  • I love and you can go there if you live in the SF Bay Area.
  • At least gradually switch your fur-babies food to a dehydrated raw dry food that is only meat instead of the harmful carbs and fillers and oils. For canned and dry the best is Ziwipeak from New Zealand and often in pet stores in the US!

Mercola flea and tick for cats and dogs! Please, please do not use flea and tick collars that have a very bad/even deadly effect on pets! The neurotoxins go into their bloodstream and cause rashes, seizures and death and illness that you many not know is happening until it is too late…like cancer!

Our fur-baby Romeo eats 90% raw or more and gets Ziwipeak Venison(heating) and Beef(neutral) air-dried dry food at night.

Find a truly Holistic Vet that uses herbs and acupuncture. An easy start is to get your pet eating healthy first which will eliminate a lot of illness and discomfort! Its like humans you can pay the grocery bill or you can pay the medical expenses later which are much higher and more painful!

Splurges/Big Purchases/Investments in your health!

Are you eating organic and wearing organic clothing so you protect your endocrine system and hormones, but you are sleeping on a TOXIC BED! We spend a huge amount of time(I hope at least 8 hours a night in bed) so it needs to be toxic-free! Regular beds are filled with super toxic ingredients/chemicals. This purchase is worth the investment in your health that will last at least 10 years…do the math! Please use our Affiliate #1376289 Dr. Brad West & Lauren Hoover-West. You get a discount and we get a commission! We love our adjustable organic bed! We got a second one that is gel memory foam for our Mom’s house when we visit!!

Sunlighten Sauna

We all need to detox and heal…one of the best ways to detox on a deep cellular level is an infrared sauna that is non-toxic. This is the best we have found and it has a lot of bells and whistles! We love the smell of our Cedar sauna and there are 5 cycles from pain to heart health and detox…So cozy in the cold months too! Tell then Dr. Brad West sent you and we will get a credit.

Gluten/Dairy free Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas!

What can I make with leftover Turkey from the Holidays? Tired of eating plain turkey the same old way? Here are some ideas and recipe referrals from my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem:

Creamed Turkey(see “cream” sauce and creamed Tuna/Vegetable recipes)-make cream sauce and add diced Turkey, green peas, poultry seasoning and serve over rice, quinoa or rice pasta.

Turkey Pot Pie-use Chicken Pot Pie recipe and substitute Turkey for Chicken! Yum!

Turkey Stroganoff-recipe in my cookbook.

BBQ Turkey Sandwich-shred Turkey and pour your favorite GF BBQ Sauce over it(I like Bone Suckin Sauce from Heat in a pot until it is simmering. Toast your GF bun(I love Schar baugettes or rolls  made in Italy sold at the Beehive in San Jose, CA). Slice the bun in half and pour the BBQ Turkey over it, roll up those sleeves and have lots of paper towels!

Turkey Salad/Sandwich: add organic mayonnaise to diced Turkey, chopped pecans or walnuts, diced celery, diced organic apple, chiffonade(finely sliced) fresh basil, dried cranberries. Serve on a bed of lettuce or use romaine lettuce and make a wrap or gluten free bread with mayonnaise and cranberry sauce.

Turkey Burritos: Fill Udi’s GF flour tortillas with Turkey and refried or black beans-top with guacamole and fresh/refrigerated salsa.

Turkey Tacos: Fill organic corn tortillas or Gluten-free  Cassava or Almond tortillas, that have been heated in a pan, with diced or shredded Turkey,  organic baby tomatoes halved, organic baby greens: arugala, mache, micro-greens. Top with guacamole and fresh/refrigerated salsa (no preservatives please!).

Ultimate Turkey Sandwich: Gluten-Free  bread, cranberry sauce, Kite Hill(almond cream cheese, plain or chive) or organic mayonnaise. This was served in a Victorian House Restaurant I worked at as a teenager-originally with regular cream cheese on Brioche bread! Yummy!

The not so classic Hot Turkey Sandwich: Gluten-free bread(toasted), hot mashed potatoes, hot sliced Turkey, hot Gravy and cold cranberry sauce! Now that is what I call comfort food!

Thai Curry: Red Curry Paste, coconut milk, turkey, thai basil, broccoli florets or veggie of choice-serve over brown rice. I like Mae Ploy brand curry paste-no preservatives. Quick, easy, flavorful and delicious.

Turkey Stock: Put Turkey carcass into a large stock pot, add celery hearts/stalks, carrots, onion, bouquet garni(thyme, parsley, peppercorns) tied in cheesecloth or loose. Bring to a boil, scoop  foam off the top with laddie. Turn down to a simmer and cook uncovered for 1 hour. Season with sea salt and pepper to taste. Strain and store stock in mason jars in the refrigerator for a few days or freeze(leave 1/2 inch of room at top to expand). Use within one day to make Turkey Soup. Scrape off all meat for Turkey soup etc…discard all bones and vegetables and bouquet garni.

Turkey Soup: Bring stock to a boil and add sliced carrots and any vegetables you like(cooking times will vary-softer vegetables cook faster). Turn down to a simmer and cook until vegetables are fork tender, not mushy. Add Turkey, top with fresh chopped parley or herbs and serve immediately. You can also add cooked rice or cooked quinoa/rice pasta such as penne or fussilli. Do not attempt to cook the rice or pasta in the stock as it will be too starchy.

Variations on Soup:

Mexican-add tortilla chips, avocado chunks, diced jalapeno, chopped cilantro instead of parsley

Asian- add Tamari(wheat free soy sauce), rice noodles, cilantro, grated ginger, sliced scallions and a thai chile or chili sauce/flakes for heat if desired.

Gobble, Gobble, who knew there were so many things you can do with Turkey? Hope you love these ideas and have fun with them. Many thanks to all of you who continue to support me and read my blog…please pass the word. Remember my cookbook is now available on my blog through Pay Pal-makes a great holiday gift.

Ham Leftovers: Ham & Broccoli Quiche, Ham & Eggs, Eggs Benedict(dairy-free Hollandaise in my cookbook), BBQ Ham on GF Hot Dog Buns, Ham & Green Bean Pot Pie, Mac n Cheeze w/Ham-make my “Cream” Sauce w/1/2 stock and 1/2 alternative milk and add 1 cup of Parmela or Daiya Cheddar or Mozzarella Shreds w/GF elbow macaroni, Ham & Scalloped Potatoes. See my cookbook and the Free Recipes Page on this blog for recipes.

MY FAVORITE GLUTEN-FREE BREADS: Bread SRSLY Sourdough Rolls & Bread(sorghum sourdough made in San Francisco! Toast well), Schar Baguettes, Arise Bakery Baguettes(Light Sorghum & Millet or Dark Seeded Teff ) made in Humbolt, CA, Canyon Bakehouse Foccacia(toasted) or sliced breads, Silver Hills Sorghum sliced(must toast and is dense). I bake all of the above bread that are not sliced in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes, cool and slice. I use a dedicated gluten-free toaster for sliced bread and rolls. Enjoy and let us know your favorites! 

SURPRISE: I have developed a yeast-free Savory Quick Bread recipe & a raw dehydrated nut or seed bread in my upcoming ecookbook, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Sugar, No Problem!

Enjoy your time off and remember to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Wishing you many blessings, love, joy, peace and good food in 2017. I have been working hard on a NEW COOKBOOK that I aim to release in early 2017! It’s an ecookbook with videos!!!!!! 

A Delicious Gluten-free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free Thankgiving Guide!

Have family or friends or maybe yourself who are coming for Thanksgiving who are on a special diet or have health issues and concerns and you don’t know how to manage? Whether you just want to eat healthy and delicious food or have a food/health issue…you don’t have to spend the whole day cooking and cleaning in the kitchen this Thanksgiving! Everyone that has eaten my Thanksgiving recipes all said they are as good or better than what they have had, and they did not miss the gluten, dairy or refined sugar! Wow, this is so wonderful and many heartfelt thanks!

Here is an easy guide to help you prepare things ahead of time you so you can enjoy your holiday and guests. Trust me after 20 years of doing this…it is so much easier that trying to be the Superhero on Thanksgiving…especially if something goes wrong-very embarrassing. Don’t be afraid to send the recipe to one of your guests/relatives and ask them to make it and bring it-delegate and accept the help. I know it is not easy, especially for people who like to be in control/charge! Remember, we allow others to grow and feel needed and be blessed by their contribution/help too. This is what helped me to realize micro-managing was stunting the growth of my employees! Let go, ah, it feels so good! There is still plenty for you to do.

I am listing all the goodies you can prepare ahead of time by day from my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem-order it now on this site!

Up to one week ahead: Pie Crust (see Recipe of the Week-15 minutes), dairy-free and Gluten Free, Cranberry Sauce(refined sugar free and way better than anything that is store bought-15 minutes)

Up to three days ahead: Candied Yams( adapted from Paul Prudhomme)-40 minutes, Mashed Potatoes 30 minutes, Sweet Potatoe Pie Filling 10 minutes

Up to two days ahead: Dry Rub and refrigerate Turkey(fresh or frozen)-will be the juiciest ever!  And clean your house or have it cleaned, do laundry etc..!;) See my directions for thawing turkey according to weight-must be done in the refrigerator. You can now buy a Brined or Kosher Turkey and skip this step. Diestel makes a very juicy boneless Turkey Roast that is much easier than the whole bird! A bone-in Turkey Breast is also nice.

The day before:  make salad dressing/vinaigrette, chill wine, Pecan Pie Filling, Cornbread for stuffing or cube the gf bread(Bread SRSLY), chop vegetables(onion, celery etc…can buy these pre-cut), Assemble and bake pie-Sweet Potato Pecan, Pecan, Pumpkin. I highly recommend the Sweet Potato Pecan-it’s a sure winner! See my utube video for rolling pie crust and dicing an onion at search under LaurenHooverAuthor and laugh out loud!;) You try being videotaped and then laugh at yourself…I did!

Take a hot bath and get a good night sleep, you’ll need it. Spend quality time with those you love, play a game together, go for a walk etc… because Thanksgiving is so busy that you may not get a quality conversation in that day. It so important to remember to be thankful and tell our loved one’s how grateful we are for them-especially children…they really are not mind readers!;)

Vegan Lentil Loaf: Cook Lentils and Quinoa or Brown Rice

Go to the grocery store for anything you forgot and pack your patience-it will be crowded and filled with crying children and you(or your spouse) will circle several times to find a parking place-don’t give the teenagers the car today!

Thanksgiving day: Eat Breakfast so you are not ravenous all day and then get a stomach ache from not eating for hours-you will be so much happier and your family will be very thankful. Try my Persimmon Smoothie. This is a lovely time to have quality time with whomever is in your home before all the rest of the guests arrive and it is crazy.

Begin with a Clean Kitchen-which will keep you organized and calm. Set out ingredients, measure them out and follow the recipes. Have fun! I like relaxing or upbeat music playing while I cook.

Get the kids/husband/family/friends to set the table, build a fire,  decorate-it will keep them busy and out of your kitchen-unless they like to cook! Kids love to make the name tags for the place settings-great project to keep them entertained.

Vegan Lentil Loaf, make and bake! Prepare stuffing(cornbread or regular or Gluten Free) and chop herbs, Stuff Turkey and bake (see my recipe that was even good enough for a US Senator)! The secret…cooking it at a very high temperature will create  crispy skin and juicy meat- not to mention-save time and energy! Yum! Reheat Mashed Potatoes, Candied Yams in the oven or microwave if absolutely necessary, cook and chop vegetables and wash/spin salad greens-toss at the table. Teenagers who like to cook will love to make salad or this is a good item to ask some else to bring. Pour organic wine( or and enjoy!

I do not put out a lot of snacks…just a few to tide people’s appetite, but not spoil it for a huge dinner. Perhaps a bowl of nuts and some raw vegetables and hummus or dip and deviled eggs all of which can be made the day ahead or store bought(of course I make them myself)!

Important tips: See Professional Secrets and Tips section of my cookbook-it will help to ensure YOUR success.

Use  oven and digital read thermometers-temperature is key. Enlist help, people love to help. See my guide for cooking times according to the weight of the Turkey.

Clean(with hot water and soap) all surfaces, sinks, counters, cutting boards, utensils and hands that touch raw Turkey to prevent spreading salmonella-food poisioning.

Keep Turkey refrigerated at 38 degrees until ready to stuff and bake.

Stuff the Turkey just before baking so bacteria will not grow.

Do NOT and I repeat, DO NOT leave food out at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. It is best to put out smaller batches. Optimal Bacteria growth temperatures are between 40-140 degrees…yep, room temperature! It grows extremely rapidly by the hour after four hours throw it out. I hate waste…so I put out smaller portions or serve everything at once and put it away or send it home with guests just after eating. Only follow this advice if you want to avoid food poisoning or a big tummy ache-really you will be so much happier and healthier.

Final Tip/Preference: To baste or not to baste? I like to soak a large piece of cheesecloth in Avocado oil, fold it in half and in half again to fit over the Turkey. Cover the Turkey with it and I do not baste if you  like a crispy skin. The high temperature will crisp the skin and seal in the juices. Resting the Turkey for 20-30 minutes is the ONLY way to have the juice stay in the meat. If you cut into the Turkey right away or before 20 minutes, watch all the juice run away and there is nothing to get it back into the meat…it will be dry, I promise.

Let someone else, especially the teenagers, do the dishes!

BTW, I did all of this in a cooking class last week in 3 1/2 hours with no help- I slept very well that night!  So, You can do it too. Just follow my recipes carefully-read them first. I like to read them the night before I cook/prepare them. and again just before making them. Buy my cookbook even if you only use the Thanksgiving recipes!

Take a deep breath, have a glass of organic wine, relax and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. From my heart to yours…may you have much to be grateful for this year. I am so grateful for many things/people  including everyone who have been so supportive of my mission in helping you change your life with delicious, healthy food & my Online Holistic Healing Program. Thank you for all your continued support and passing the word about my blog, cookbook and Holistic Healing Journey. I am so grateful for you. What are who are you grateful for! A great question to have everyone go around the dinner table and answer….keeps the conversation positive!

Many Blessings, Be Well and Happy Thanksgiving, Chef Lauren Hoover-West

Virtual Retreat!

I AM SUPER EXCITED…..BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! There is a Virtual Retreat…yes a healing retreat with 7 very special healers(including me!)THIS WEEKEND OCTOBER 27-28, 2018!

It will all be Live and recorded on Zoom(you will get a link and do not need to have Zoom) so you can get an ABUNDANCE of healing tools and wisdom from all of us from the comfort of wherever you wish to be! Cool huh?!

Please join me…I really need the support since its my very FIRST LIVE VIRTUAL RETREAT! People fly all over the world to attend all of these coaches/healers retreats and seminars! And we have them all in one place without jet lag!

I will be presenting my training for 90 minutes on health and wellness through food, detox and stress reduction in body, mind and spirit! I will talk more about what my Healing Journey consists of that is beginning in January! I am also going to be making a tea that will gently detox and support your Liver which has hundreds of functions in the body-so the whole body will work better just from a cup of tea or (cuppa tea for the Brits)!

Get a tune up before the holidays and treat yourself for less than a therapy session for the whole weekend of fabulous Holistic Healing! More info on retreat and presenters, and to sign up on link below! Looking forward to having a really special weekend with you!

Love, Light & Blessings! Be Well & Thrive, Lauren

Halloween Candy Recipes!

Sorry everyone I forgot to update the Free Recipe Page, but there are lots of yummy, healthier versions of Halloween faves on it now! Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Remember a few things:

  • Avoid: These sweeteners are harmful and will cause adverse effects and are linked to  ADD/ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes and many other illnesses and disease and inflammation which is the beginning of all disease! Some are neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors! 
  • White Sugar Corn Syrup of any kind
  • Agave: 100% Fructose which congests the Liver and the Liver has over 200 functions including hormone balancing for both sexes!
  • Glucose(contains gluten)
  • Artificial Colors(Color # ??),
  • Artificial Flavor
  • Natural Flavors are not natural they are from a Laboratory!

Better Sweeteners: Remember the body still needs to process these as sugar, but they are less inflammatory and less damaging to the body. Keep them for an occasional treat, not for everyday. the best source of sweets is in fruit which contains the fiber and when organic, freshly picked and in season is better than any candy!

  • Dates(In season in October & November) I bought 8 different varieties at the Farmer’s market which were all different and delicious!
  • Real Maple Syrup(nothing else but maple syrup under ingredient list), dark color has more minerals
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Sugar Free: Sweet Leaf  Liquid Stevia

To learn more about sugar and sweeteners go to my Video Page and watch Dr. Lustig’s Bittersweet Truth about Sugar and Youtube for more of his lectures!

See Free Recipe Page on this Blog for you Healthier Sweet Treats! Enjoy!


Many Blessings


Be Well & Thrive because we get one shot at this lifetime to get it right! You deserve to be happy and healthy!


Halloween & Candy!


Happy Halloween! Sweet Treats without the sugar blues!

I have fond memories of trick or treating as a child and big hayride Halloween parties at school. Honesty, I really am not a fan of this holiday, but dressing up and eating sweets is a lot of fun!

If you are a parent, or human, you know that sugar blues that come after sugar highs can be really horrific! We know so much more about sugar these days and how it adversely affects our health. To name a few, Diabetes is a huge epidemic, and sugar is very hard on the pancreas, causes skin breakouts, cavities, mood swings, addiction, disease and more. None of the aforementioned are going to make us feel good and thrive in our lives.

So, you know me….I have a solution to this problem! I have lots of recipes and sweeteners you can use in your favorite recipes to transform them into a healthier, and tasty treat. A friend of mine says, you are not “treating” yourself when you eat something that harms your wellbeing, you are “mistreating” yourself! So true.  Go to my Recipes Page and get my kid-approved recipes that are a range of white sugar alternatives to sugar-free!

Psss, I am going to let you in on my secret of the week….I am making a Pumpkin Pie with Stevia Sweetener(  or coconut palm sugar, and I will enjoy it for breakfast! I will top it with coconut milk whipped cream! Husband, if you are reading this….I will save you some! ;P

Store bought candy. No time or interest in making your own treats? 

As a child, I loved Rolo carmel candies! I found some even better chococlate chewy caramels called Amelia, and they also make a dairy-free/Gluten-free, white sugar free version that will melt in your mouth as you are transported to Heaven!  If you like a soft carmel, and not so chewy, try Cocomels, which have coconut milk. My second favorite was Almond Joy, well I found a nut-free, dairy-free and gluten-free candy bar with coconut filling and a dark chocolate coating called OCHO(does contain organic cane sugar). Lily’s vegan stevia sweetened chocolate chips and bars are delicious. I buy all of these candies at local Health Food Stores and Thrive Market.

There are also sugar free lollipops at local health food stores that are good and without artificial dyes! Please avoid candy with artificial dyes as they cause many harmful neurological reactions in kids and adults. I have seen numerous children’s severe symptoms disappear when they are taken off all foods that contain artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners and flavors. I have even seen them taken off of Ritalin! There is always a reason for symptoms and behavior. You just need to care enough to figure it out and find experts to help you.

Note on Sweeteners: please do not use the stuff in pink or blue packets, it’s toxic and harmful to your health. Diet soda is the worst. Some of these artificial sweeteners are made from the same ingredient as ant poison!!!! YES! Try stevia sweetened soda called Zevia or Kevita Coconut Water Kefir which tastes like bubbly soda, and has probiotics. I like the pomegranate and Lime Mojito Kevita, black cherry Zevia the best. I did not like Dr. Pepper as a kid, but love the Dr. Zevia! If these are too sweet, cut them with sparkling water! I like Grolsteiner best b/c it tastes great, high in minerals and is in glass!


Kid’s in my summer cooking camps loved Zevia! For the past 6 years I’ve been getting kids off soda by dipping a 1/4 cup measuring cup into a container of white sugar and asking them if they would pour it down their throat all at once! They all freaked out and unanimously replied, “NO WAY”! I enlightened them by telling them that a 12 ounce can of soda has that much sugar and a Big Gulp had double, 1/2 cup! Please share this with your kids, relatives and friends. Soda is one of the main reasons the kids are overweight along with the rise in diabetes and many other diseases.

In our camps we used 8 drops of flavored liquid Stevia by Sweet Leaf(variety of flavors including Root beer, Cola and Raspberry), and added it to sparkling water from glass bottles(avoiding harmful toxins in plastic bottles) and walah, you have homemade sugar-free soda that is bubbly and sweet which is what most of us love in a soda! Try this and let us all know how it goes/went! Caution: too much stevia will become quite bitter so, start slowly and add one drop at a time. Stevia is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar and is made from a leaf of a tree grown in South America.

Another sugar-free sweetener I like is Lakanto Monkfruit w/Erythritol which is ideal for people with SIBO or Candida, however some people do experience cramping, so eat it in moderation. Xylitol is great for teeth, but new research is showing that it can destroy good gut bacteria!

I still love coconut palm sugar as a 1 to 1 substitute for white sugar. White sugar is not only inflammatory, but also is bleached and often sifted through bones, so not vegan! YUCK! Have fun trying these sugar alternatives. Remember natural Real Maple Syrup is a good choice and local raw honey is also good.  If you are experiencing gas, bloating and burping seek a Naturopathic Doctor who will know how to cure it. In California go to and elsewhere go to

Naturopathic Medicine saved my life and was able to diagnose me properly and treat me naturally with success! BTW, my husband is a Naturopathic Doctor. I am so grateful for him and Naturopathic Medicine which has been working well for years!

If you want to feel like you are back in college, get your teens or Mom’s together and go to my Video page and get educated about sugar by Dr. Lustig’s talk, “The Bittersweet Truth about Sugar”! It will blow your mind. Please share it. This can save our lives and the one’s we love. Sending you all love and hugs so you can Thrive living the life you dreamed!

Be safe and have fun! Snack Safely has a list of safe snacks that are gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free, but do read ingredients and choose wisely. Just because it is free of what you are avoiding doesn’t mean it is good for you!

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Happy Halloween with good Treats! Boo!

Happy Back to School & New Year!

Wow summer sure flew by didn’t it?! I have been super busy and super excited to share with you a few things:

1. I hope you all had a great summer. I must first apologize for not posting more often, but I have been passionately working on a NEW 12 WEEK HOLISTIC HEALING JOURNEY that will launch in October/November…so, stay tuned! I will be offering YOU, MY AWESOME FOLLOWERS, A HUGE DISCOUNT! Thanks to tech we can now work together!

2. I went to a life-changing retreat in Florida and met a super-talented new friend who is Hosting a Virtual Summit & Retreat with 7 Talented Healers of all kinds(mind, body, spirit)!! I have been invited to Present about healing through food and diet on a Virtual Healing Summit/Retreat! I really hope you will join us for the free calls and sign up for the Summit and please share this on your FB/Social Media. oxox This will blow your mind and touch your heart. For more info

3. Finally, my new favorite Bagel! Yes I said Bagel! OMG, IT IS THE BEST I’VE HAD IN 18 YEARS OF BEING GLUTEN-FREE & DAIRY-FREE! See my Recipe page for a homemade Dairy-free Cream Cheese recipe-after you read this article/interview!

I have longed for a chewy New York Style Bagel that is gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free  for 18 years, and FINALLY  found one after trying every single one I could find on the store shelves which were all light, airy and so unsatisfying! I cannot tell you how many bagels I have thrown away and finally gave up until this summer when I found an Everything Bagel while shopping at Bi-Rite Market in San Fransisco.

I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve b/c I could not wait until the next morning to have my new Bagel! Then, I realized I needed to make some cashew cream cheese first…and the wait was prolonged! I could hardly wait for it to come out of the toaster as smells of home-baked bread with onion and garlic wafted across my kitchen. And, When I finally got my Bagel and Cashew Cream Cheese,  without all the allergens, I was in food Heaven…a Sally met Harry foodgasm moment happened! So, I had to call the company that made it and…

I interviewed Andre of the ODD BAGEL COMPANY, in Oakland, and here is what he had to share.

Our story started in 2013 when my business partner, Brent Woodard, discovered he was gluten intolerant. Having lived nearly a decade in New York (as did I, coincidentally), his perfect morning routine was a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese – which he now sorely missed. He tried a lot of the options out there, but everything he found was severely lacking; they were primarily just “bread in a loop”, and not even very good bread, at that.
Luckily, Brent’s a very process-minded guy, so he went in the kitchen and started experimenting until he found a recipe that actually started to resemble a “real” bagel. He started small, baking every night and making drops every single morning to couple coffee shops and places like Berkeley Bowl and Saul’s in Berkeley.
Fast forward a few years, and after finding space in a number of shared kitchens over the years, we finally moved into our own dedicated bakery space last year. Most importantly, this means we are now finally working out of a true, dedicated gluten free facility (and as mentioned, will hopefully be certified gluten free as soon as tomorrow!). But it has also allowed us to really accelerate the improvement of the recipe. It also let us get our Kosher designation.
From day one, once we were gluten free, we didn’t really want to stop there – we wanted to make this a bagel that was accessible to everyone. Step one was to make it a vegan bagel, as well. Most true bagels ARE already vegan, but a lot of the gluten free options use egg as a binding agent. Besides the vegan aspect, we also noticed that a lot of people try to avoid dairy and eggs for a wide variety of dietary reasons, including allergies. So, Odd Bagels became a gluten free AND vegan bagel! 
But we didn’t stop there – we’ve also managed to avoid using peanuts, tree nuts, corn, soy, and potato – a large portion of the top allergens out there. (Also no shellfish… 😉  ) Then, in the past year, we’ve also been able to eliminate the sugar and oil from our recipe. We’ve ended up with a highly refined recipe that is really just “simple”, and gets back to the elements of what makes a bagel a good, baked item!
Our final step is that we also hope to transition to organic by the end of this year, which has finally become realistic now that we’re a bit bigger – it’s hard to find organic, gluten-free flours, unless you have it milled specifically.
I think that’s really what sets us apart from a lot of the other gluten-free options: the fact that we are really accessible to just about anyone. That’s pretty hard to find in the Bay Area, even without talking about gluten-free! And most importantly, we’re a real New York style bagel that is boiled and baked! 
And even more most importantly… Odd Bagels are delicious! Although I might be just a little biased when I say that. 🙂 That covers a lot of our story!, said Andre.
Okay, even your friends and family that don’t think they have a problem with gluten, dairy, egg or any other food will looooovvvvveeee these Bagels! I recommend you make your own cream cheese(my recipe) or buy dairy-free Kite Hill Almond Chive Cream Cheese. Great with Smoked Salmon or Lox-see recipe later.
 I order 12 bags at a time, the Everything is the #1 seller and its delish, the plain is great for when you want to spread something sweet on top like jam or nut butter. They have many more flavors.
These bagels DO NOT NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED, so you can send them to school or take them on outings and traveling. The shelf life is 10 days without refrigeration and a month in the refrigerator and a few months in the freezer! I recommend buying a lot if you have the space in your freezer b/c you are going to want more. Do remember that they are high in carbs so, if you want to release some weight keep them in the freezer and save them for a weekend treat! If you need to gain weight, these will help and I say go for it as long as you are eating a lot of healthy food too! I will post recipes on my Recipe Page. Hey, lets help this small artisan company grow…ask your local grocery store to carry them! Get them now and you’ll have them by next week and for Yom Kippur. Happy Holidays and Back to School! Oh, do toast them for sure!
Just for YOU my readers: Order Online a discount code. Enter “LAUREN” at checkout, you’ll get 15% off your first order with ODD BAGEL which expires at the end of September! Order now!

Water & Water Filters

Are you drinking enough water? The formula is to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces…if you weigh 150 pounds, you need to drink 75 ounces of water per day and you will feel much better and your body will work much better. Often people are dehydrated and do not realize it when they are feeling a little fatigued or low energy, have a headache, constipated etc…

I use to hate drinking water b/c it did not taste as good as juice or soda! Wow, was I dehydrated and constipated with headaches! When I stopped drinking soda, I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks!!!! Yep! God forbid you even think of drinking Diet soda…please please do not! That is a whole other blog post, but it is made of rat poison and associated with cancer and diabetes!

So, a friend of mine told me if you start carrying a bottle of water everywhere you go, you will drink it! OMG, she was so right and it worked…I became a water drinker and now am proud and pleased to say I love it. I do not leave home without taking 2 stainless steel bottles with me! And, they are almost always empty by the time I get home from running around or working! Hit the Easy button people…carry a stainless or glass bottle! I really love Swell b/c they are double insulated and keep beverages cold or hot all day or longer! Luv Swell & they are pretty/handsome!

Is the water you are drinking safe? What kind of containers/bottles/glasses are you using? Many people ask me what water filter I use or recommend. I have had pitcher type filters like Brita and Pure. There are a few things that I do not like about them…the filters are expensive and don’t last long, and the containers are plastic. Even if plastic is BPA Free, there are tons of other harmful chemicals in plastic, and it is not safe. If you insist or have no other option when you are traveling, please buy water in glass bottles! And put your filtered water into stainless steel or glass bottles or jars. You will help yourself and the environment! Plastic is an endocrine and neuroendocrine disruptor…your brain, organs and glands of the endocrine system will not work properly if you are poisoning it!

Endocrine system includes: hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pineal, reproductive organs(ovaries/testes), pancreas and hormones! So you want your brain, glands and organs to work well, drink clean, filtered water.

There is so much plastic in our oceans that are negatively effecting our wild sea life and our oceans. Have you seen the pictures of beaches in Bali being covered, and I mean covered for miles, in plastic bottles? OMG, it is hard to imagine and believe…disgusting! I thought is was the lazy tourist and with more research have learned that much of it is coming from China and washing up onto Bali’s shores and beaches…tragic.

Please stop drinking water from plastic. We recently visited Fiji for a big big b-day present to me and I love Fiji water, but hate that it is in plastic. Sadly, I broke my cardinal rule and drank the local water and came home with a parasite/amoeba, not fun! It gone thanks to my Naturopathic doctor husband!

It is so important not to drink the over 300 contaminants(petro-chemical runoff, heavy metals, carcinogens, prescriptions(hormones, antibiotics, anti-psychotic etc…),fluoride, chlorine etc…) in tap water, especially city tap water! Fluoride and chlorine are very harmful to your thyroid and there is an epidemic of low thyroid and Hashimotos an Autoimmune disease of the Thyroid! I am blessed enough to have a well, but it has not always been that way and may not be forever. Well water still needs to be filtered.

It takes over 17 million barrels of oil to product the plastic required for bottle waters consumed by Americans in a year, which is enough oil to fuel more than 1 million cars for an entire year. Over 50 million bottles end up in landfills each year!!! Imagine the difference we can make by just using a re-usable bottle instead!?

Recently we have been pouring the water out of the plastic into a glass pitcher as soon as it is filtered. And, we just invested in an environmentally friendly new reverse osmosis/carbon filter countertop system. Many of my favorite doctors and health professionals have endorsed it, and now I do as well. I like AquaTru b/c there is no need to drill holes in an expensive counter and it is portable. Its also great for renters!

One other place people often do not realize they need to put a filter is YOUR SHOWER! Yes, your shower….all those chemicals in your water are entering your skin and then straight into your bloodstream within 30 seconds where they are doing major damage to your health! Get a shower filter and remember to change it at least once a year….we do it at Christmas…easy to remember! And, please change your refrigerator filters if you use them…they get moldy too! Yuck!

The filters in AquaTru will last 6 months to a year compared to 2 weeks to a month in a pitcher type filter. You can buy extra to keep on hand and sign up for auto-ship too. We did and we also purchased the mineral drops to add back into our water. Our food does not contain enough vitamins and minerals since farmers are no longer rotating crops and letting fields go unused in order to re-mineralize and feed them!

Check it out here and use this link and get a deal and I will make a little something for sharing it as an Affiliate. Some benefits: no plumber needed, fits on countertop, portable, filters out many more contaminants than other water filtration systems.

  • AquaTru uses Tritan plastic, the same BPA & BPS free plastic used in best-selling food blenders like Nutri Bullet and Vitamix. Tritan has been tested at universities and independent third-party labs and the results have overwhelmingly demonstrated that it is safe and free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. If you prefer to avoid all plastics, you can simply transfer the purified water into a glass pitcher after the filtering process.

Here is to your health & I am off to go enjoy some clean, safe water! 🙂 I have recipes on how to infuse your water to taste really good! See the Recipe Page for more ideas.

Be Well & Thrive, don’t just survive!


To learn more(info, videos etc…) and decide if you would like to have one go to:


Happy St. Patricks, Easter & Passover!

Wishing you a very happy Easter. May you have a lovely time with friends and family. I am posting recipes for you here

I love American Lamb that is pasture-raised, grass-fed and organic because it is mild in flavor, healthier and more loving and kind way of raising animals than factory farms! If you like a strong gamey flavor then you may prefer Australian Lamb. If you think you don’t like Lamb, try American and see if you change your mind. My favorite is Neiman Ranch.

If you must drink green beer, please make it gluten-free(see a list on the Recipes Page) and use natural green color, available at health food stores and online. Artificial colors and dyes and flavors cause a host of adverse health issues including neurological damage and brain disfunction. These cause severe reactions in children, especially children on the Spectrum(ADD, ADHD, Autism etc…)…it sends them into violent rage or just super hyper behavior. PLEASE DO NOT EVER EAT OR FEED PEOPLE/ESPECIALLY CHILDREN ARTIFICIAL COLOR/DYE/FLAVORS! If a label has a color with a number, i.e. Red #5, it is artificial and detrimental to health and well-being. Buy the powdered natural vegetable dirived colors if you must color things.

I don’t know why, but I think of Lemon and Lime at Easter time. So, I’ve posted my favorite Lemon Tart recipe & Sugar-free Lime Yogurt/Mousse for you. The Lemon Curd is delicious on Scones or as a cake filling. You may want to use 1-2 teaspoons of kudzu or arrowroot to thicken it more. If you use it for cake filling, be sure to refrigerate or freeze, until well set, the filled cake BEFORE you try to frost it or it will slide all over! I learned that one the hard way!


Happy eating, cooking, baking and celebrating what is important to you. Remember Love is the answer to everything!