Water & Water Filters

Are you drinking enough water? The formula is to drink 1/2 your weight in ounces…if you weigh 150 pounds, you need to drink 75 ounces of water per day and you will feel much better and your body will work much better. Often people are dehydrated and do not realize it when they are feeling a little fatigued or low energy, have a headache, constipated etc…

I use to hate drinking water b/c it did not taste as good as juice or soda! Wow, was I dehydrated and constipated with headaches! When I stopped drinking soda, I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks!!!! Yep! God forbid you even think of drinking Diet soda…please please do not! That is a whole other blog post, but it is made of rat poison and associated with cancer and diabetes!

So, a friend of mine told me if you start carrying a bottle of water everywhere you go, you will drink it! OMG, she was so right and it worked…I became a water drinker and now am proud and pleased to say I love it. I do not leave home without taking 2 stainless steel bottles with me! And, they are almost always empty by the time I get home from running around or working! Hit the Easy button people…carry a stainless or glass bottle! I really love Swell b/c they are double insulated and keep beverages cold or hot all day or longer! Luv Swell & they are pretty/handsome!

Is the water you are drinking safe? What kind of containers/bottles/glasses are you using? Many people ask me what water filter I use or recommend. I have had pitcher type filters like Brita and Pure. There are a few things that I do not like about them…the filters are expensive and don’t last long, and the containers are plastic. Even if plastic is BPA Free, there are tons of other harmful chemicals in plastic, and it is not safe. If you insist or have no other option when you are traveling, please buy water in glass bottles! And put your filtered water into stainless steel or glass bottles or jars. You will help yourself and the environment! Plastic is an endocrine and neuroendocrine disruptor…your brain, organs and glands of the endocrine system will not work properly if you are poisoning it!

Endocrine system includes: hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenals, pineal, reproductive organs(ovaries/testes), pancreas and hormones! So you want your brain, glands and organs to work well, drink clean, filtered water.

There is so much plastic in our oceans that are negatively effecting our wild sea life and our oceans. Have you seen the pictures of beaches in Bali being covered, and I mean covered for miles, in plastic bottles? OMG, it is hard to imagine and believe…disgusting! I thought is was the lazy tourist and with more research have learned that much of it is coming from China and washing up onto Bali’s shores and beaches…tragic.

Please stop drinking water from plastic. We recently visited Fiji for a big big b-day present to me and I love Fiji water, but hate that it is in plastic. Sadly, I broke my cardinal rule and drank the local water and came home with a parasite/amoeba, not fun! It gone thanks to my Naturopathic doctor husband!

It is so important not to drink the over 300 contaminants(petro-chemical runoff, heavy metals, carcinogens, prescriptions(hormones, antibiotics, anti-psychotic etc…),fluoride, chlorine etc…) in tap water, especially city tap water! Fluoride and chlorine are very harmful to your thyroid and there is an epidemic of low thyroid and Hashimotos an Autoimmune disease of the Thyroid! I am blessed enough to have a well, but it has not always been that way and may not be forever. Well water still needs to be filtered.

It takes over 17 million barrels of oil to product the plastic required for bottle waters consumed by Americans in a year, which is enough oil to fuel more than 1 million cars for an entire year. Over 50 million bottles end up in landfills each year!!! Imagine the difference we can make by just using a re-usable bottle instead!?

Recently we have been pouring the water out of the plastic into a glass pitcher as soon as it is filtered. And, we just invested in an environmentally friendly new reverse osmosis/carbon filter countertop system. Many of my favorite doctors and health professionals have endorsed it, and now I do as well. I like AquaTru b/c there is no need to drill holes in an expensive counter and it is portable. Its also great for renters!

One other place people often do not realize they need to put a filter is YOUR SHOWER! Yes, your shower….all those chemicals in your water are entering your skin and then straight into your bloodstream within 30 seconds where they are doing major damage to your health! Get a shower filter and remember to change it at least once a year….we do it at Christmas…easy to remember! And, please change your refrigerator filters if you use them…they get moldy too! Yuck!

The filters in AquaTru will last 6 months to a year compared to 2 weeks to a month in a pitcher type filter. You can buy extra to keep on hand and sign up for auto-ship too. We did and we also purchased the mineral drops to add back into our water. Our food does not contain enough vitamins and minerals since farmers are no longer rotating crops and letting fields go unused in order to re-mineralize and feed them!

Check it out here and use this link and get a deal and I will make a little something for sharing it as an Affiliate. Some benefits: no plumber needed, fits on countertop, portable, filters out many more contaminants than other water filtration systems.

  • AquaTru uses Tritan plastic, the same BPA & BPS free plastic used in best-selling food blenders like Nutri Bullet and Vitamix. Tritan has been tested at universities and independent third-party labs and the results have overwhelmingly demonstrated that it is safe and free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. If you prefer to avoid all plastics, you can simply transfer the purified water into a glass pitcher after the filtering process.

Here is to your health & I am off to go enjoy some clean, safe water! 🙂 I have recipes on how to infuse your water to taste really good! See the Recipe Page for more ideas.

Be Well & Thrive, don’t just survive!


To learn more(info, videos etc…) and decide if you would like to have one go to: https://www.aquatruwater.com?src=affiliate&aid=42691