Lauren’s Christmas/Holiday Gift List

Lauren’s Christmas/Holiday Favorites!

NEW!!! Lauren’s New Online Course: 12 Week Holistic Healing Journey!

This is healing in body, mind and spirit all naturally in a step-by-step program over 12 weeks/3 months to make it slow, gentle, fun, comprehensive and sustainable! Starts on January 7th! Sign up and get a big discount!


Thrive Market

Online Shopping better than health food stores & at a discount-Whole Foods meets Costco! Stock up your kitchen pantry and bathroom with GF/Vegan skin/haircare products! You can donate a portion of your savings to Charity! They are very philanthropic and helping send food, diapers and water in disasters!

Thrive Market


Send a Box of Ready to Cook Organic Delicious Meals(for yourself to save time,  a gift or where you are traveling!)

Sunbasket Meal Prep Service delivered to your door: Use code and get $40 of Meals FREE as a gift from me! Happy Holidays! Founding Chef previously worked at the famed Slanted Door in SF!

Sun Basket: choose gluten-free, dairy-free, lean & clean, organic, local, delicious meals to cook(you can replace the dairy with your alternatives) vegan meals too! is a great place to order gluten-free and other foods from Italy! You can buy online w/out the jet lag! They have an open marketplace that is so big they have bikes with baskets to ride around and purchase!!! Locations in Italy, Los Angeles, NY, Chicago, Las Vegas opening December 2018! It is such an amazing experience…I came home from Italy with a whole suitcase…well, the suitcase arrived a week after me! ;-P(

Odd Bagels! OMG these are like a NY Bagel without any allergens! Chewy and flavorful! Use my discount code FAVORITES before (12/31) for 15% off the whole order. Everything Bagels are my favorite and for a sweet topping use the Plain. There are several flavors.

Miyoko’s Vegan Butter and Cream Cheese(Un lox spread) goes well on Odd Bagels & Cashew Cheeses that are all gone at every party I take them to…even next to popular cheesed that contain dairy! These are flavorful and nutritious without the dairy and health issues associated with dairy! Available at health food store and Trader Joe’s!

Bread SRSLY-San Francisco Sourdough that’s Gluten-free, Dairy-free and Egg-free and tastes just like the best Sourdough you’ve ever had. Note: Must be toasted! Various flavors. I love the Classic & Onion and Sandwich Rolls. If sold out online, then see stores/locations near you.

Miscellaneous important things to have and share:

If you only make one change I recommend you drink pure filtered water in a stainless steel(no plastic cap) or glass bottle! A great start! Drink half your weight in ounces per day! You will feel so much better and avoid many illnesses and cancer from plastics!

Eco Friendly gifts and unique stuff you will love: many wonderful artisan and eco friendly products and gifts on this site!

Nimbus Microfine Compact Toothbrushes(Adults&Kids)


Extra soft toothbrushes that are compact and reach and clean teeth and gums is so important. I also love

Sonicare sonic electric toothbrushes which clean better than regular toothbrushes!

Waterpick or Water Flosser to get food and bacteria out of places(between teeth and under gum-line) that toothbrushes cannot get! This totally changed my oral health! Use it everyday with warm filtered water

Klean Kanteen Reflect Stainless Steel Bottle & Interior Cap

You do not want a bottle that has any plastic…chemicals from plastic will get into your hot beverages and poison you!

AquaTru Water Filter-If you only make one change, drink pure filtered water in a stainless or glass bottle!

Excellent countertop Reverse osmosis and carbon, 3 filter purifying filtration system. Endorsed by many well respected doctors! We love ours! We recommend you get the mineral drops and sign up for the auto-ship for refill filters. It is an investment up front, but will save you money and hassles over time. You only need to replace filters a few times a year!

Affiliate number 42691 Dr. Brad West and Lauren Hoover-West


Clothes: Important to use and wear non-toxic fabrics

Don’t use laundry products that will cause you illness and destroy sea life/oceans!

Wash your clothes with natural non-toxic wash that really cleans well! Stain stick is the best ever! They have a Christmas small trial for sale in December too! Philanthropic family owned company!

Green Fills Laundry Products(mail order) 14 Day FREE TRIAL

Did you know that non-organic cotton is destroying ground and causing eruption and harming soil and plants and animals of all kinds due to the high amounts of pesticides and chemicals that are used?! So please consider switching to organic materials and clothing! Give one away, buy a new better one! It will help your health be better and the environment and all that is trying to survive in it! Oxox

Nomad’s Hemp wear uses all organic natural fabrics that are so soft and comfortable. They are online and made in Canada. The styles are really fun! Most of my winter wardrobe is from them!

Bamboo Fishers Finery Women’s Tranquil Dreams Sleeveless Nightgown


Bryn Walker Organic Natural Women’s Clothing-mostly cotton, bamboo and linen! My summer wardrobe is all from this company and they have winter things that are nice too! So comfy that I feel like I am wearing PJ’s outside! LOL! Note that clothes in the stores are much more beautiful than online! Stores in CA, AZ, MA, D.C.

Shoes I love: Ugg boots & slippers,

Bath/Body: Are Toxic chemicals are lurking in your bathroom and on your skin, scalp and hair? Go Organic, Non-toxic, phalate-free, Paren-free, SLS-free, Gluten-free and Vegan and you will be better off! These all are linked/correlated with cancer, skin rashes, hormone disruption and endocrine system disruption/disorders/diseases! Yikes!

Thrive Market and are great for non-toxic, Gluten-free, Vegan, Phalate-free, Paraben-free cosmetics and makeup!

Nourish Organic Argan Body Butter-very thick and soothing to dry feet, legs, hands etc…I use it every night before bed!

Facial Wash & Products: or on My Chelle, Acure, Jeffery James

Make-up: Mineral Fusion mascara & make-up, ILIA, Lilly , No Miss mascara & remover on Thrive Market

Hair Color: Herbatint for at home, or Goldwell Top Chic professional formula for your hairdresser. Yep, what you put on your scalp goes directly into your bloodstream in 30 seconds without the help of your Liver! And, it will cause damage if it has ingredients you are sensitive to or toxic chemicals!

Body Wash: Earth Mama, Andalou, Acure, Acure Cocoa Butter & CoQ10(very creamy & moisturizing) All on Thrive Market, use my link above.

Not positive if Dr. Bronner’s is Gluten-free, but I don’t see any ingredients that contain gluten on the label-this is Dr. Brad’s favorite.

Shampoo/Conditioner: Acure, Mineral Fusion, Seaweed Co., My Sprout

I prefer shampoos for oily-normal care to clean well and a light conditioner for thin oily hair and deep conditioner for thick dry hair. For oily scalp and a deep clean I use Earth Science Olive Avocado Shampoo & then a deep conditioner.


You pet needs an organic comfy bed too that is non-toxic!

The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Beds, 5 Sizes/7 Colors: Eases Pet        Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia & Post Op Pain, Quality…

Pet Food: I am a huge advocate of a raw diet as it healing our rescue kitty that was ill from a rough start. There are studies showing that kibbles lead to cancer(the risk has dramatically gone way up to 50% of Dogs getting Cancer now!)

  • I love and you can go there if you live in the SF Bay Area.
  • At least gradually switch your fur-babies food to a dehydrated raw dry food that is only meat instead of the harmful carbs and fillers and oils. For canned and dry the best is Ziwipeak from New Zealand and often in pet stores in the US!

Mercola flea and tick for cats and dogs! Please, please do not use flea and tick collars that have a very bad/even deadly effect on pets! The neurotoxins go into their bloodstream and cause rashes, seizures and death and illness that you many not know is happening until it is too late…like cancer!

Our fur-baby Romeo eats 90% raw or more and gets Ziwipeak Venison(heating) and Beef(neutral) air-dried dry food at night.

Find a truly Holistic Vet that uses herbs and acupuncture. An easy start is to get your pet eating healthy first which will eliminate a lot of illness and discomfort! Its like humans you can pay the grocery bill or you can pay the medical expenses later which are much higher and more painful!

Splurges/Big Purchases/Investments in your health!

Are you eating organic and wearing organic clothing so you protect your endocrine system and hormones, but you are sleeping on a TOXIC BED! We spend a huge amount of time(I hope at least 8 hours a night in bed) so it needs to be toxic-free! Regular beds are filled with super toxic ingredients/chemicals. This purchase is worth the investment in your health that will last at least 10 years…do the math! Please use our Affiliate #1376289 Dr. Brad West & Lauren Hoover-West. You get a discount and we get a commission! We love our adjustable organic bed! We got a second one that is gel memory foam for our Mom’s house when we visit!!

Sunlighten Sauna

We all need to detox and heal…one of the best ways to detox on a deep cellular level is an infrared sauna that is non-toxic. This is the best we have found and it has a lot of bells and whistles! We love the smell of our Cedar sauna and there are 5 cycles from pain to heart health and detox…So cozy in the cold months too! Tell then Dr. Brad West sent you and we will get a credit.

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