Halloween Candy Recipes!

Sorry everyone I forgot to update the Free Recipe Page, but there are lots of yummy, healthier versions of Halloween faves on it now! Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Remember a few things:

  • Avoid: These sweeteners are harmful and will cause adverse effects and are linked to  ADD/ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes and many other illnesses and disease and inflammation which is the beginning of all disease! Some are neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors! 
  • White Sugar Corn Syrup of any kind
  • Agave: 100% Fructose which congests the Liver and the Liver has over 200 functions including hormone balancing for both sexes!
  • Glucose(contains gluten)
  • Artificial Colors(Color # ??),
  • Artificial Flavor
  • Natural Flavors are not natural they are from a Laboratory!

Better Sweeteners: Remember the body still needs to process these as sugar, but they are less inflammatory and less damaging to the body. Keep them for an occasional treat, not for everyday. the best source of sweets is in fruit which contains the fiber and when organic, freshly picked and in season is better than any candy!

  • Dates(In season in October & November) I bought 8 different varieties at the Farmer’s market which were all different and delicious!
  • Real Maple Syrup(nothing else but maple syrup under ingredient list), dark color has more minerals
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Sugar Free: Sweet Leaf  Liquid Stevia

To learn more about sugar and sweeteners go to my Video Page and watch Dr. Lustig’s Bittersweet Truth about Sugar and Youtube for more of his lectures!

See Free Recipe Page on this Blog for you Healthier Sweet Treats! Enjoy!


Many Blessings


Be Well & Thrive because we get one shot at this lifetime to get it right! You deserve to be happy and healthy!


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