Virtual Retreat!

I AM SUPER EXCITED…..BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! There is a Virtual Retreat…yes a healing retreat with 7 very special healers(including me!)THIS WEEKEND OCTOBER 27-28, 2018!

It will all be Live and recorded on Zoom(you will get a link and do not need to have Zoom) so you can get an ABUNDANCE of healing tools and wisdom from all of us from the comfort of wherever you wish to be! Cool huh?!

Please join me…I really need the support since its my very FIRST LIVE VIRTUAL RETREAT! People fly all over the world to attend all of these coaches/healers retreats and seminars! And we have them all in one place without jet lag!

I will be presenting my training for 90 minutes on health and wellness through food, detox and stress reduction in body, mind and spirit! I will talk more about what my Healing Journey consists of that is beginning in January! I am also going to be making a tea that will gently detox and support your Liver which has hundreds of functions in the body-so the whole body will work better just from a cup of tea or (cuppa tea for the Brits)!

Get a tune up before the holidays and treat yourself for less than a therapy session for the whole weekend of fabulous Holistic Healing! More info on retreat and presenters, and to sign up on link below! Looking forward to having a really special weekend with you!

Love, Light & Blessings! Be Well & Thrive, Lauren

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