Presidential Chef Lauren Hoover has been featured on ABC Live in Sacramento and Chicago!



 For 100% Gluten-free recipes in my cookbook:

  • If you cannot eat oats, use sorghum or amaranth flours.
  • use 100% Gluten-free Oat Flour(I recommend Bob’s Red Mill), no rye or barley
  • use Gluten-free Beer(Redbridge is my favorite)
  •  use coconut palm sugar or coconut palm syrup for a healthy, low glycemic index sweetener, that is high in minerals, in all the recipes that call for any kind of sweetener. May be used in equal portion(1 to 1) in all your favorite recipes. See article on this blog to learn more about it.

14 thoughts on “BUY MY COOKBOOK

  1. Is your book still available? The publisher doesn’t show it and even eBay doesn’t have it. Perhaps a Kindle version?

    • Ann Marie, yes there is a link to buy my cookbook on this blog. You may need to do a search under the title No Wheat No Dairy NO Problem or my name Lauren Hoover to find it with iUniverse or you can find it on Amazon, but I make almost no money from Amazon. There is also an E-book available. Good luck.

  2. I have one more thought… I really do not want to buy a physical book… I would like to buy a download version of your book. Found a site on the web, but could not tell if it was someone reselling a download version of your book or not. Is there a download version that I can purchase?

  3. It looks like I can only order the chocolate Biscotti.
    I wanted one of each… especially the cardamon.
    How can I accomplish this?

    • Amy,

      You can order all 3 flavors of Biscotti(Double Chocolate, Zesty Lemon, Cardamom). Just order 3 bags of Chocolate and write in the note/message section the flavors and amounts you want.

  4. Hi Lauren, I have just come across your site and I am searching for bread/cakes/biscuits/muffins that still taste normal but without the wheat/gluten/dairy/sugar. So far I am struggling as anything that does not include these ingredients tastes horrible and my kids will not touch. And the ones that are great still contain sugar.
    I am in Australia, Sydney so not sure if I can get your products here.


  5. Just found this site, my daughter whose name is Lauren also is Gluten/Dairy/Egg/soy/corn free I am looking forward to learning some new and delicious recipes I can make for her..Thank you! I do want to order the cook book…! ASAP …

  6. Thanks Lauren….just going through your book last night.

    I really like it.

    I love the notations and helpful recipe hints that tell me things I would have never known on my own.

    I feel like I really have a personal chef watching over my shoulder.

    PS: glad to see you recommending Grapeseed Oil instead of Canola Oil.


    Frank and Molly Zak

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