Delicious Gluten-free/Dairy-free/Egg-free Bread Alternatives & Pizza Crust

I am constantly on the search for the perfect taste and texture in alternative breads. I have raised my requirements when it comes to bread. I not only want it to be good, it must be healthy too. So many gluten-free breads and products are very high in starches which turn into sugar and spike your blood sugar levels, tax the pancreas, and cause weight gain. You can see that trading a glutenous product with gluten-free junk food is problematic. Just because it is Gluten-free doesn’t mean its good for you! Read your labels and choose wisely. I tell my patients its better to pay a little more on food and less on medical care! More fun too! ;P

I have finally found some breads that won’t spike and crash our blood sugar or add weight to your middle. All of the alternatives below are dairy-free & egg-free too!

Gluten-free, Dairy-free Bread and Buns

Bread SRSLY has my vote for best alternative bread hand’s down! I also like Happy Camper’s bread which is gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free, and still has great texture and flavor. Until I release my next cookbook, if you want to make your own from a mix my healthiest pick is Simple Mills Paleo mixes.


NEW IN 2015: SAN FRANCISCO SOURDOUGH by SRSLY is amazingly similar to regular glutenous sourdough probably because they make this the old fashioned way, traditional fermentation using organic/NON-GMO ingredients and it’s free of the top 8 allergens. It is partially baked so you need to toast it. After toasting the texture is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside like just baked bread in a restaurant or bakery! YUM! They also make excellent sandwich rolls now that are made from sorghum and are rice free and vegan/egg-free! The bread is vegan and egg-free, Non-GMO, and contains rice, millet and sorghum. Bread SRSLY has no added Yeast! They make Classic Sourdough, Seeded, Kale, Onion. You can order a long Pullman loaf online only. You can order directly on or buy at health food stores.

Happy Campers Bread 

Breads and rolls are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility!

They use all gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free with NON-GMO whole grains like sorghum, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth, olive oil, psyllium and a little tapioca. There are several flavors, light and dark and raisin breads and hamburger buns, along with offering sample packs of 4 loaves for about $29!

These breads still contain some carbs, but from healthy, nutritious whole grains, not high glycemic over processed starches like potato flour, tapioca and rice! The texture is like bread and good toasted or not. Order online at or or health food stores. Staff of Life in Santa Cruz, CA carries it.





Spelt Bread/Products(CONTAIN GLUTEN)

Spelt is a non-hybridized wheat. It is one of the five ancient grains. Many people that have a wheat sensitivity can tolerate Spelt, but it is not gluten-free.

Rudi’s Spelt Bread, Spelt Hamburger Buns, Spelt Hot Dog Buns and Spelt English Muffins-you won’t be able to tell that these are alternative since they have a soft, spongy texture like the traditional versions.

SPROUTED BREAD IS A NO NO, IT IS STILL GLUTEN AND WHEAT! Breads made from Kamut, Spelt, Rye or Barley are both wheat and gluten.

Pizza Crust

Simple Mills Baking Mixes, Paleo Bread Mix & Pizza Crust Mix 

Simple Mils mixes are Paleo and use almond flour as a base. You just need to add water, Apple Cider vinegar, oil, and some dessert mixes call for eggs. This is the best Pizza Crust I’ve found and is high protein, low carb and has a nice texture. The Bread/Foccacia mix is excellent and you have the option of making a Focaccia, Loaf of Bread or Rolls. Excellent toasted and makes good sandwiches. I add fresh rosemary and olive oil and kosher salt on top of the Focaccia!

Bread in general is not so easy on the digestive tract; so I save it for times when I must succumb to my cravings for it. When I eat bread I notice that I get bloated and constipated, even when it is gluten-free. Next time you eat bread or cut it out of your diet for a while…notice how you feel. Is it worth it? I really love the Irish Soda Bread and Cornbread in my cookbook, and hope you will too. Many people with a gluten sensitivity, which is most people, can have a gluteo-morphic effect which is an opioid(heroine, morphine and codeine are all opioids) affect! Bread is like a drug for some people! If you crave it so badly you feel you must have it and then feel a lot of pleasure after eating it, you may be experiencing a gluteo-morphic affect! These are the people who really need to avoid bread or use Paleo recipes/mixes. boo hoo, I’m sorry, but it’s worth your health and well-being. See a Naturopathic doctor to treat your gut to help heal this.

I have two recipes in my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem for great alternatives, Irish Soda Bread(pg.16) The Spelt Bread(pg.18) is a wheat & contains gluten which was included before I knew I needed to avoid it! Great for people who just refuse to give up wheat b/c it is a non-hybridized wheat and an ancient grain.

The Irish Soda Bread does not have to proof, so it is very fast and delicious, and has a scone like texture. I love the Irish Soda bread made with dried fruit for breakfast with a side of my Lemon Curd(pg.225). There is a cornbread recipe too( pg.14) use blue corn b/c it is NON- GMO. Do know that corn is one of the top 8 allergenic foods. I personally do not eat corn b/c I become very constipated and sometimes get hives.

I hope you enjoy these alternatives as much as I do. Let us all know how you like them. If you know of an alternative bread that does not contain rice flour, xanthan gum and lots of starch, please comment on this post and share it with all of us. Go bake some delicious bread and or go on your own search for a healthy alternative at your local health food store.  All of the brands above are found in health food stores-please support your local independent stores/owners so we can keep getting good, healthy food and supplements while supporting local families.


Be Well, Chef Lauren