A la Carte Services

  • Phone/Zoom Nutrition consultation: Lauren will review your medical lab results, health issues/disease, food likes and dislikes and goals to create the best customized plan especially for you. She will support you as your health changes and adjust your plan as needed to help you achieve your goals to create  wellness with an easy, healthy, delicious customized diet and Allergy-friendly life. Initial Intake/History $199 1 1/2 hours. Follow ups $150 per hour, may be 30-90 minutes.

  • Phone/Zoom 1 hour Life Coaching consultation $150, this is a special 1 hour where you are deeply heard and we will find relief, clarity and wisdom that a regular conversation would not.

  • Shopping trip: to grocery store of your choice. We will go through every isle to find hidden sources of your allergenic foods and discover delicious alternatives! This will save you time, and empower you to make the best choices and feel confident. $250/90  minutes

  • Pantry Make-Over: removing hidden sources of what you need to eliminate, and REPLACE it with nutritious, delicious alternatives while organizing your pantry! $195 2 hours

Menu Planning with Recipes: customizing a weekly menu plan that meets your health and dietary needs and desires. $95 per week

Private Cooking Classes

$250 for 1-2 people plus groceries

$80 each additional person (3-10 people)plus groceries

 3 hours & includes a meal!


  • Book a session at

    Call Lauren  for a quote

  • 925 457 7799 Pacific Time

  • Free 10 minute consultation to determine if services are what you need

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Client Testimonials:

#1 Throughout my life, I have struggled to find foods that did not upset my sensitive digestive system. Over the years, this problem has left me eating foods that were so bland and simple that they were tasteless and downright boring.

Lauren changed all that. She introduced me to a world of gluten-free, dairy-free eating that nurtures and fuels my body. Even better: The food tastes great. For the first time in years, I am excited about meal time. Thanks to Lauren, I can now create delicious, healthful meals from an extensive list of foods and products. My whole approach to food has dramatically changed and improved, whether I am cooking, shopping for ingredients, or ordering a meal in a restaurant.

Lauren is highly knowledgable about both the food industry and natural medicine. This knowledge, combined with her warm and nurturing personality, makes her an invaluable resource and guide. I am happy to say that as a result of working together, Lauren has also become a valued friend.I recommend Lauren without reservation to anyone interested in adopting a gluten-free/dairy-free regimen.

#2 Lauren does her homework. She will honor and cater to your dietary needs and wants while creating dishes that are delicious to your palette. She has extensive knowledge from formal education as well as learning through her own dietary issues, and is therefore compassionate and supportive. Nutritional meals that also taste good are extremely important components to health and well-being. And, if you are like me, and struggle with liking vegetables, she has magical ways to incorporate them so they taste good. I’ve been challenged with some health issues lately and too weak to cook and shop for myself. I know I can trust Lauren to provide the appropriate ingredients to help promote my healing as I believe nutrition is our best medicine…. As long as it doesn’t taste like medicine. Lauren is professional, extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, and a great cook!

#3 Lauren cooked all our meals for my husband and me for 3 weeks. I am a professional Chef and unsuccessfully tried to do an Anti-Candida diet, which was ordered by my doctor. Lauren was very creative and thorough in designing a diet just for us. We loved, loved, loved her delicious food.

#4 I don’t know what I will do without Lauren’s fabulous food. I was so tired of the same old food, and Lauren brought me food for our family every weekend for almost a year. She made gluten-free versions of many of my childhood favorites which took me back to my Mother’s dining room table! Sadly, we had to cut our expenses, and we really miss Lauren’s cooking and sweet spirit. Her happy, loving personality always lifted my spirit when she delivered. I trusted her so much that I would give Lauren a handful of blank checks at a time, and she had a key to our home, and she was honest and trustworthy the entire time. I highly recommend you hire her because you will be glad you did.