Fish-Did you ever imagine that you would need to ask if there is wheat or gluten in your fish?

I recently learned from my local fish monger that farm raised fish are often being fed a diet of wheat protein! I only buy wild fish, so hopefully they are not finding any wheat or gluten in the Oceans yet! 😉 Seriously, those of us who need to be vigilant in making sure we do not get contaminated with wheat/gluten need to be aware that fish can contain wheat/gluten.Be sure to ask the fish monger when you are buying fish if you choose to eat farmed fish. Please read the article about other very harmful contaminants, including melamine,  in fish.

For those of us who have childhood memories of eating Fish and Chips; and really miss it, can either make it from my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem, or buy it! Yes, you read that correctly-Gorton’s just announced their Gluten-free Fish Sticks! There is another company that makes frozen fish/seafood that is Gluten-free that I have found in health food stores too.

You can get an updated guide to buying sustainable fish and a list of endangered fish from The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Be sure to go and get an updated one at least once a year because it is always changing. I am getting married next week; and chose to have Macadamia Nut Crusted Sea Bass for our reception, at the menu tasting last year, and it turns out that since we made that selection it has been listed as endangered!

The question everybody is asking me is are you making your own Wedding Cake? Answer: Yes and No. I consulted with a very good bakery and converted their Coconut Cake recipe to be Gluten-free & Dairy-free & Refined Sugar-free!  It was stressful enough just trying to organize all the details and be the Bride that I needed someone else to make my cake, especially since my nerves and hands would be shaking too much to decorate! I’ll post about the whole thing with pictures next month when we return. Stay tuned.

I’m teaching a lot of cooking classes in October and through the next year so, see my schedule and bring your friends for a fun evening. I will be making Olive Oil Poached Fish at New Leaf on September 26th for True Olive Connection sign up at 831.458.6457.  See you and I look forward to cooking together soon.