Knife Skills Class

Learn to slice, dice & chop like a professional Chef!

Professional Knife Skills Class-Hands on

with Lauren Hoover-West,

Holistic Nutrition Coach, Chef

In teaching cooking classes over 10 years, I realized that in every class, I was redirecting people on how to cut safer and properly. Often, I saw people cutting things in very dangerous ways.  I realized there was a need for a Knife Skills class. I have taught this class many times and every time the class is sold out! It really surprised me how much people love this class. So, why not put it up so You special people(all my followers & Healing Journey participants & patients & friends & family) can have the opportunity to finally take a class with me virtually! I have taught kids from 5 yrs and up to cut so, you can do this too!
Skills you will learn in this Online French Knife Skills class:
  •  How to properly hold a knife with optimal control and safety
  • Cut food like a Professional Chef
  • Names and cuts of Classica cuts: slice, dice, julienne, batone etc…
  • Learn to cut in a way that will make cooking easier, faster & more fun!
  • What kind of knife you may prefer: Japanese vs German
  • How to care for your knives to prolong thieir life!
  • Knife care and maintenance

Your food will have better texture and a beautiful presentation after you learn these professional tips, techniques and skills!

Get your cutting board & knives and let’s have some fun together in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Equipment and food you will need for class:
  • good solid cutting board, I prefer Bamboo(eco friendly and anti-bacterial) and pretty
  • clean, uncluttered space to work(counter or island)
  • Chefs knife 6-10 inches. 8 inches is my favorite. If you have more than one that is awesome!
  • paring knife
  • bunch of carrots
  • bunch of celery
  • a few onions(size of a baseball is ideal)
  • bunch of basil
  • bunch of flat leaf parsley
  • clean towel
  • bowl
  • sink
  • helps to have a nice mat under your feet
  • computer to watch!
  • optional but encouraged: veggie wash/veggie scrub brush, glass of filtered water

If you are Ready,…

The Professional Knife Skills Course is Delivered “On-Demand” 


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