My Birthday Request!

I had a wonderful birthday thanks to my loving husband who got me a few massages and very gourmet dinners! It was such a treat to eat out at some bucket list restaurants and be accommodated, with pleasure, for gluten-free and dairy-free, no beef! It was memorable. I try to not feel guilty indulging in eating out for special occasions knowing that people are very hungry here in my back yard and in America! So many people do not realize its not only in developing countries that people go without food. I don’t know about you, but most of us and myself included, don’t function or sleep when we are hungry! Imagine being a child or elderly or any age feeling so hungry you cannot sleep or think or function! This is just so wrong and totally avoidable and fixable.

I feel so upset about so many things that feel so wrong in America. I get really broken hearted and pissed off and at times I feel so helpless to change things! Here are some ways that I have chosen to fix and help and I am asking that if you are able and willing that as a gift to others and me on my birthday, you will donate or volunteer if you feel led to do so. Check this out:

Charities I love and donate to are:


$1 provides 10 meals!! That makes a huge impact! , provides fresh safe water wells and allows girls to go to school instead of fetching water all day! This is one of my top charities! This has a huge impact!

Environment: Planting Trees, plant trees

Save Elephants:, saves abused/neglected animals, our family has had all rescue animals and they were so loving and grateful and became cherished family members

Humane Society of Silicon Valley 

or donate to the humane society or animal shelter in your own community!

Thank you for checking these out and donating if you feel led to do so and sharing this too! Thank you to all who donate and please post if you like that you did! Blessings to all who donate and volunteer.

Much Love, Gratitude and Blessings, Lauren Hoover-West

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