Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, Love, Love…
We all want to be loved. I feel life is all about love, both giving and receiving. Many of us have no problem giving love, but receiving love is more challenging for many reasons. Whether we don’t feel worthy or lovable or “good enough” stemming from something from our upbringing or whatever it is, it can be hard.

All I know at this age is, love is the answer and we all deserve it and we all need it. Love is not just a want, but a need we all long to possess. In truth, everyone has love…its inside of us. I was made aware of a concept about love recently that hypothesizes that love comes from within and not from outside of us! Take a moment to ponder that idea.

So, why do some people feel unloved? If we are focusing on giving love instead of receiving it often we feel more love returning when we are giving it! Ironic isn’t it? I find that when I am feeling a bit ignored or haven’t heard from loved ones in a while, usually they are just busy, if I focus on giving and taking care of myself and others I feel better. When I feel down, I find that if I ask myself what I need, I always hold the answer.

If you feel you want to explore this more find a therapist or coach. We recommend Dan Ross in Willow Glenn and Palo Alto http://www.SiliconValleyHypnosisCenter.com or Steve Smith in Campbell http://www.theenlightenedmind.net and Debra Cohen in Los Gatos and Campbell. Debra has yoga and meditation classes Friday afternoon sessions in LG! For more info: http://www.insightfulrelaxation.com

I often will ponder what of my favorite self-care things I will do to boost my mood. Here are a few to do alone or with your beloved:
hot epsom salt bath or jacuzzi or foot soak
sauna or steam
I love Watercourse Way in Palo Alto for soaking, steam and sauna and they have spa services too or Well Within in Santa Cruz or Refugio in Carmel Valley! I am a new person after visiting any of these wonderful places and all for $25-$50!
You can do this at home too with hot shower, salt scrub, facial and massage.
walk on the beach or in the woods
meditation & prayer
tapping on http://www.BradYates.net or http://www.TheTappingSolution.com
listening to http://www.HayHouseRadio.com
Aromatherapy(put some drops in your shower floor and diffuser):take caution using essential oils if you have a cat. We almost lost our cat from orange oil natural pesticide! Pancreatitis!
Cooking & Baking
hanging with our animals and giving them love and attention
enjoying a hobby, music, or a happy or funny film
What makes you feel loved and joyful? Make a list and then put it on your calendar because self-care is not an option or a luxury its a necessity! Lets do it today! Sending you all love and blessings and recipes! Get my FREE Valentine Recipes on this site https://nowheatnodairynoproblem.com/recipes/
P.S. Chocolate with chilies releases the same endorphins as sex! So go to see my chocolate recipes and add a pinch of your favorite chili powder(chipotle, ancho, cayenne, Piment d’Espelette etc…)

Love, Hugs and Blessings,


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