Gluten-free Summit-FREE Webinar!

Many of my teachers are world reknowned gluten experts are speaking for the next week on gluten! You will learn so much. I’ve already learned some interesting things today.

Did you know that some Japanese restaurants are starting to add wheat/white flour to sushi rice? Yep!!

Did you know that some gluten-free Beer that begins with gluten(barley, wheat, rye, spelt, oats) and they add enzymes to eat the gluten in the middle of the process to “remove” the gluten, may still contain gluten and not be safe!

Here are just two examples of really valuable nuggets of knowledge you will gain by listening.

If you have family or friends or co-workers that just don’t understand….here is your opportunity to let them hear it from someone else…The Experts!

Be Well & Thrive, Lauren

P.S. I’m going to post Thanksgiving Menu/Party Planning with Recipes this week for you to have a healthy, gluten-free, safe holiday.


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