Traveling Easily with Food Sensitivities and special dietary needs!

Gluten-free/Allergy-friendly Vacations


Traveling with food sensitivities or allergies can be challenging. Here are some tips that I’ve learned to help make it easier and joyful! With a little planning ahead it can ease a lot of stress. I like to make some snacks to bring along on the airplane or in the car.

Snacks to make: Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Trail Mix Truffles(see recipe below from my upcoming cookbook), granola and smoothies(recipe from my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem).


Packaged Foods to take: 

Packaged items that can really help are: Lauren’s Kitchen Skinny Dunker Biscotti(order online or gluten-free cookies, San J Gluten-free Tamari packets, Justin’s Nut Butter packets, jar of nut butter or sunflower seed butter(nut-free), Gluten-free Granola(my favorite is Purely Elizabeth’s), Love Grown Foods Oatmeal Cups(just add water), powdered coconut water(just add water), g-free crackers, Glutino g-free pretzels, Udi’s g-free bread and bagels(ask the hotel or restaurant to broil it for you so it’s not contaminated in the toaster with gluten crumbs!). Also, hard boiled eggs, hummus, bean dips, chips, drinks, dairy-free yogurt and desserts.


Look at health food stores in the section with Raw foods, raw bars, tarts, kale chips, granola and macaroons. My favorite brand is Hail Merry-I’m addicted to their Lemon Tart(OMG)! Many health food stores have hot bars and deli’s with gluten/allergy-free food…just ask for the ingredients. Be careful about spices and marinades on chicken and meat, they often contain soy sauce(which has wheat/gluten) or spices with maltodexterin or vegetable protein which may contain gluten! Keep this in mind in restaurants too.


I stay at places with kitchens or kitchenettes or an empty the mini fridge, so I can stock it up with nut/seed milks, fruit, nut butter, earth balance, g-free bread, hard boiled eggs. If I am going to a place by car, I sometimes will even schlep my toaster oven and blender. You’d be amazed at what you can cook in a little toaster oven-eggs, chicken, fish, veggies and desserts). Use a bullet to make smoothies, and add g-free granola.


Go to local farmer’s markets and health food stores.

Eating Out:

Go online and call the concierge(even if you are not staying at the hotel they will help you, just leave a tip). There are so many Apps and online guides for Gluten-free. Order a copy of Triumph Dining Gluten-free Guide, it’s like the Zagat of Gluten-free! I Google the city+gluten-free restaurants or raw food restaurants or vegetarian/vegan restaurants and usually get a long list of choices.


If you do not have the time to research restaurants, some allergy-friendly cuisines are Thai(make sure no soy sauce), Mexican(ask if there is flour in the corn tortillas or soy sauce in any marinades). Chiptole is our new go to place on road trips. We love the salad bowls. I order frozen pizza crusts online www.StillRidingPizza. com. At Japanese restaurants  take gluten-free Tamari packets or bottle and request NO soy sauce.


Anything with a coating or crispy or breaded is almost guaranteed to contain gluten unless they have a gluten-free menu. Be sure to ask if it is fried in a separate fryer. French Fries often are coated in flour, especially if they are frozen. Ask.

Have safe and wonderful vacation, filled with happy experiences & memories, and new delicious food that is allergy-friendly! For more information go to:


Happy Travels with Many Blessings, Lauren


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