Back to School-4 meals with 1 Meatloaf recipe

Well, it’s back to school time and new schedules and routines. Here’s a great way to get 4 meals out of 2 meatloaves! Save time and money and feel great with this menu plan. Everytime I ask my friend’s little girl where she wants to go in her dreams she says, I want to stay home with you, my family and my cats!

Parents, HELLO are you listening? Kids really want family time.!:) They want your time way more than they want any new gadget/toy-really. So, turn off those electronics for a few hours and jump into the kitchen together. Kids love to mix up this Meatloaf. I taught a children’s cooking class and all the kid’s felt so empowered that they had the skill to cook dinner for their family and friends! Superheros! It’s such a great way to build their self-esteem and give them life long tools-Win-Win.

Make Meatloaf and have 3 meals-Meatloaf, Taco’s and Spaghetti!See Recipe of the Week Tab for Meatloaf recipe(pg.43) and dessert-Fudgy Brownies!

1.Make Meatloaf(Turkey, Buffalo or whatever ground meat you choose)-yields two loaves, serve with Mashed Potatoes or Scalloped Potatoes, and a green vegetable.

Eat first loaf and refrigerate the second for Taco’s and Spaghetti.

2. Taco’s-crumble up half meatloaf and fill organic tortillas that have been sauteed in grapeseed oil in a pan over the stove. Add any toppings you like, cherry tomatoes(halved), guacamole, salsa, baby greens. Serve with refried or black beans-Amy’s brand is my favorite.

3. Spaghetti-Boil water with 1-2 Tablespoons of sea salt. Cook brown rice pasta/spaghetti until al dente(soft with a little bite-not mushy), drain. While pasta is cooking, crumble up remaining half of meatloaf and heat in a large pot with Organic or homemade Marinara sauce(Trader Joe’s or Pomi is great). Stir pasta into sauce and serve immediately. Serve with a green salad.

4. Cold Meatloaf Sandwich-great option if you don’t want Taco’s or Spaghetti. Serve with hot pureed vegetable soup(pg.123).

Cold Meatloaf Sandwiches on Gluten Free bread or any bread you wish is delicious. I like it with ketchup! This was a childhood, and is still a, favorite of mine for lunch or a quick dinner!

Have a great week! Cook and eat health and have happy meals with your family and friends! Be Well, Lauren

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