Happy Easter or Passover!

Whether you are celebrating Easter or Passover, a delicious meal is part of the festivities in creating memories. Spring is the best time of year for Lamb because it is young and mild. In my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem, there are recipes for Crusted Rack of Lamb and Moussaka a lusciously creamy custard over ground lamb and eggplant with hints of Greek herbs and spices. Since I do not use any dairy, it can be a “meat” dish if you are Jewish, but still have the texture of creamy custard! What’s not to love about that?

I like to purchase local Lamb, from California. I have found Australian Lamb that I like, but usually it is more gamey in flavor due to what they graze on. I am trying to buy as much local food as possible for many reasons-environmental, economical and it usually tastes better and is fresher when it is local. I also love Colorado Lamb. If I were in New Zealand I would find young Spring Lamb! Besides buying local, please remember the well-being of the animals and buy Organic, Free-Range meats.

I went to the San Francisco Farmer’s Market last weekend and just love all the spring vegetables including big leafy, green Kale. Take the kids and the dog and go on an adventure and find some new favorites. See the Vegetable section of my cookbook. Besides cooking without wheat, dairy and refined sugar, I am on a mission to introduce you to vegetable that taste fabulous when the proper cooking methods and some seasoning is applied! No more overcooked, boiled-to-death vegetables are allowed! Help yourself and your children fall in love with nutrient packed vegetables! Yum!

See my Recipe of the Week page for recipes and order the book through this blog and I will personally sign it for you. See links and Resources for sources to purchase various ingredients.

May your home be filled with loved ones and  fragrant smells of delicious food. Sending you many blessings this special week of the year. Have a wonderful holiday and happy cooking and eating!

Chef Lauren Hoover

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