Butter Alternatives

I am one of those people who grew up with margarine for daily use and butter was for special occasions and holidays only. When I moved out on my own, I decided that I would never eat margarine again! Well, that was true until I was diagnosed with a dairy allergy.

My new love became olive oil and grapeseed oil, which you can read a long article on this site to learn more. Sometimes, especially when baking, I was looking for something with a mild taste and the same consistency as butter. I tried lots of “healthy” alternatives. One of the things that was most important to me was zero trans-fats and no hydrogenated oils and no preservatives or artificial additives.

After lots of tasting and baking, I fell in love with Earth Balance.  It has a smooth, creamy texture and tastes sweet and salty-very satisfying-you’ll never miss the butter! It is a vegetable spread that is vegan, non-dairy, no trans-fat and no hydrogenated oil. So, it is heart-healthy and will not clog your arteries. It has 100 calories per Tablespoon which is the same as butter, but it has half the saturated fat as butter. Butter has cholesterol and Earth Balance does not.

It comes in sticks and tubs. It is made with oils from olive, canola, soybean and palm fruit. It now comes in soy free too. They also make shortening sticks. I like to bake with the sticks and use the tubs for spreading onto food-great on veggies-especially yams/potatoes or bread, biscuits, scones, cornbread etc… The tub does not bake the same at the sticks. I use Earth Balance in my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem-personally signed copies may be purchased through Pay Pal on this site.

Earth Balance may be purchased at health food stores  in the refrigerated section. As of now, Trader Joe’s carries the tubs, not the sticks. Give it a try, I think you will love it too.  Even my friends who can eat butter, choose to eat Earth Balance once they try it! Try the Recipe of the Week-Irish Soda Bread with Honey spread(uses Earth Balance)-YUM.

2 thoughts on “Butter Alternatives

  1. If it’s easier, here are the oils/fats that you want to avoid b/c they are not healthful: canola, cottonseed, corn, soybean, peanut, sunflower and safflower. This will eliminate most packaged foods! Stick to olive, coconut, avocado and grapeseed. Nut and seed oils are great too, but very fragile, so keep for 6 months in the refrigerator. Do not heat oils over the smoke point or they will become a free radical that increases cancer and health risks.

  2. Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you how thankful I am to find this blog site! I am starting a wheat free, dairy free diet for my nursing daughter who is suffering a bad facial rash due to an allergy. But I am also looking forward to this new lifestyle for my own health benefits. It just took me a while to get over the shock of life with allergies and life with “restrictions”. It is refreshing to have actual brand names (i.e. Earth Balance), stores to purchase and how to use them listed all in one place. I recently bought an allergy-free cookbook but it simply states “use a dairy substitute”. I was so frustrated because I had no idea what that was. So big thanks to you and your willingness to share your journey with others! Thank you!

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