Glycemic Index

Everywhere I go lately, I am hearing people talking about and asking me about glycemic index. I hope this will help you to understand it more. Come back next week for additional information on this subject.

Glycemic Index: is a scale of 0-100 illustrating how carbohydrates raise blood sugar after eating High GI foods are absorbed fast and cause high blood sugar levels-spikes. Kids going crazy and bouncing off the walls after sugar is an example of the effect of high GI. Low GI foods are absorbed more slowly and cause the a much slower rise in blood sugar levels which has proven health benefits. Low GI diets have benefits for weight control because they help control appetite and are also beneficial for improving glucose and lipid(fat) levels in people with diabetes(Type 1 and 2).

Glycemic Index(GI) indicates the level of glucose in a food.

I love agave nectar(GI 32) and palm/coconut palm sugar(GI 35) to sweeten compared to Honey that is (GI58) and refined white sugar(GI64-80).. See my previous articles on both of them for more benefits/details.

Some of the sweeteners such as Agave are sweeter than sugar, so you can use less! I spent 7 years developing recipes with the right amount of alternative natural sweeteners in my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem which you can order on this site and I will personally autograph it just for you!

See the Recipe of the Week tab above for a low calorie, high fiber, healthy Pureed Vegetable Soup! Be Well, Lauren

2 thoughts on “Glycemic Index

    • Hi Barb,

      I find agave everywhere now. In the regular supermarket as well as all healthfood stores. Both dark and light. Light is the most like sugar and dark more like maple syrup, to me. Its inexpensive, and way lower G.Index than straight fructose or corn syrup. I would still use it only occasionally an as a treat (like for one of Chef Lauren’s desserts) :P.

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