Cookbook Recomendation by Dr. Brad West, ND

5.0 out of 5 stars New Dr Brad approved GFDF cookbook! November 1, 2009


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No wheat No Dairy No Problem is what I have been telling patients and friends for years. Now, finally, there is a delicious, simple and masterful cookbook out there that brings this issue home with an explanation point! Thanks to Chef Lauren Hoover, who has done the health and food communities a tremendous service, we now have 150 creative, easy, healthy and exquisite recipes all in one place that will please even the toughest critics (our kids and other chefs!). This is how food was meant to be prepared – simple, whole, chemical-free, low glycemic and satisfying. It’s also an easy to follow guidebook for healthy, fun, quick and well balanced meals with outstanding tips and resource sections. This book has a wide variety of many of our favorite foods (and drinks!) that could not be more timely and practical. A true blessing for the increasing population on gluten and casein free as well as anti-inflammatory diets, but also a must have for any taste or health enthusiast. We all owe Ms. Hoover a heartfelt thank you for dedicating so much of her time and expertise in creating this masterpiece that reflects her talent, love and hard work. This book is much needed and is the creme da la creme of the new generation of highly inspiring healthy cookbooks with gorgeous recipes that will surely be highly appreciated, acclaimed and sought after for years to come. Grazie mille! – Dr. BradWest

I LOVE this cookbook!!!

One thought on “Cookbook Recomendation by Dr. Brad West, ND

  1. No meat no wheat no dairy, actually, but I have changed a bit and see sugar as more of a problem than meat. And I have never see a person react or have an allergen to free range meats. :O) BW

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