What do you want to read about?

Tell me what you want to know or learn about from my blog? Just hit comment under this post and let me know.

A particular food/category of food?

Do you want to read about lifestyle tips/info on body and household cleaning products?

More scientific studies/stats?

More cooking tips?


I want to write about what YOU want to hear/read and learn about so, help me help you.


Be Well, Lauren

4 thoughts on “What do you want to read about?

    • Hi Damaris,

      You can substitute rice or soy milk for almond milk. The rice and soy milk are NOT a good substitute for coconut milk. I am not a proponent of too much soy because of the research I have read. Also, soy increase estrogen so it is not especially good for men. I only use it in a few recipes in my cookbook because I could not find anything else that would work as a substitute. I hope this helps you. Be Well, Lauren

  1. Hi Lauren,

    I found semi-solid coconut oil sold at Whole Foods as alternative of butter. Have you ever tried it ? Does it work as substitute of butter? Is it worth to pay $15?

    Thanks for your comment.


    • Naomi, yes coconut oil is very healthy and can be used as a substitute for butter/shortening. However, it does have a coconut flavor. The refined has a strong coconut flavor and the unrefined is milder. My friend/assistant Catherine uses it to saute shrimp which is delicious. Give it a try and see how you like it and let us all know. Be Well, Lauren

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