Soy Lecithin

Looking for a great natural source of B vitamins? Want to loose that extra belly fat? Well, here is one resource-soy lecithin. I do not eat much soy in my diet because I believe too much is not a good thing from what I have researched. However, I am in love with soy lecithin! Read more to learn about it.

Soy lecithin offers a multifunctional, flexible and versatile ingredient. Soy lecithin helps to bind liquids with oils/fats-emulsification, which results in a more creamy texture. It is important to use a Non-GMO (genetically modified) form of soy lecithin. GMO has been linked to memory loss in scientific studies.

It protects cells in the body from oxidation and is composed mostly of B vitamins, and breaks down stored fats in our bodies.   Lecithin is also used in chocolates and coatings and to counteract spattering during frying.

Additionally, its unique lipid molecular structure makes lecithin useful for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications and various industrial uses such as paints, textiles, lubricants and waxes.

I use soy lecithin in my new cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem, for the smoothie recipes…see Recipe of the Week for a Strawberry Smoothie! My experience with consuming 1/2-1 teaspoon of soy lecithin a day is that I have more energy and less stored fat in the belly! And, who doesn’t want a flat tummy?!

Is soy lecithin safe for people allergic to soy?

Studies done at University of Nebraska and Michigan show that most soy allergic individuals may safely eat products that contain soy lecithin and soy oils. These substances are fat based, and persons with allergies react to the protein portion of the food. Of course, there are individuals who are more sensitive and if that’s the case, even lecithin should be avoided. Check with your allergist/physician.

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