Coconut Palm Sugar-Low Glycemic Index sugar alternative!

Palm sugar is a healthy alternative sweetener that has a lower glycemic index (GI35) than cane sugar, agave nectar or honey. Therefore, it is suitable for most diabetics! Organic evaporated palm sugar is especially high in minerals including potassium, magnesium and zinc, vitamins B2, B3 and B6. Palm sugar is unbleached, unfiltered and free of preservatives. The flavor has a slight coconut taste with overtones of caramel-yummy!

Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, a revolutionary sugar made from the nectar of the Coconut Palm Blossom. Amazingly low glycemic index of 35, meaning it is absorbed into your blood stream slowly and doesn’t have that rushed feeling you can get from regular sugar. A great alternative for people with blood sugar problem.

Moms, your kids won’t be bouncing off the walls due to too much sugar!! No more hyper activity from sugar!!! One teaspoon contains 10 calories and 2.5 grams of sugar and carbohydrates. It can be used as a 1:1 ratio/equal amounts in place of white/cane sugar. You can use it in place of all unrefined sugars including: sucanat, maple sugar or date sugar in my cookbook recipes, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem! Excellent in the fruit crisp topping and cookies! It comes in a liquid form as well and can be substituted in equal amounts for Agave or Maple Syrup in my recipes.

Big Tree Farms & Navita Naturals palm sugar is also vegan and kosher-available at health food stores. It can be labeled as Coconut Sugar, Palm Sugar and Coconut Palm Sugar and they are all the same product.

Cheers and Be Well, Lauren Hoover-West

3 thoughts on “Coconut Palm Sugar-Low Glycemic Index sugar alternative!

  1. Yes, Coconut Palm sugar is similar to Agave in that it is natural, unrefined and low glycemic index. Chinese/Asian markets could be a good source or gourmet/health food shops too. Let us know if you find it and how you like it. Bon Appetite, Lauren Hoover!

  2. The substitue to white sugar recommended by doctors in France is Xylitol, extracted from birch trees. Second is agave sirup. Is coco palm sugar similar to agave ? We can find it easily at Chinese groceries in Paris.

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